RV Park Services

We specialize in WiFi systems that enable your customers to stream HD Video from inside their trailers or RV. Customers who would like to work remotely will have options available that allow for this. Our system design can be used for HD live streaming video services. We can also provide ISP (Internet Service Provider) services throughout your park. We have completed projects ranging in size from 10 site parks to 500+ site parks, and marinas.

We have a few options and service levels that we offer.
You can check out the options below.

Self Managed WiFi

This option works well for owners who simply want wifi that works throughout their park and have the expertise to handle their customers questions.
Some typical uses would be park owners who prefer not to charge for Wi-Fi service in their park, or who would rather keep all of the profit from the sale of internet.
Robust WiFi System tailored to your requirements
WiFi system can be tailored to meet your budget
Includes a one years parts warranty*
Installation cost is quoted up front
Future work is billed at contract rate
PCI Compliance and Security audits billed at contract rate
Software and Firmware updates billed at contract rate
Repairs billed at standard rates

Monitored Wifi Service

This option is meant for Park Owners who would like to have their internet monetized and system monitored to ensure network security is maintained by applying patches and updates. This option provides a discount on the original install as well as on future contract work.
Park is responsible for handling customers questions, as well as billing and refunds.
PCI Compliance and Security Patches and Updates to Network Hardware
Includes a one years parts warranty
Quoted install cost
We take 10% of gross income from internet sales
Repairs billed at contract rate after first year*

Fully Managed Wifi Service

If you would like to monetize your WiFi and outsource the WiFi customer service, then this option is where you will want to start.
Zero Maintenance cost for 5 years from install date
Security patches and updates to network hardware
PCI Compliance
Quoted install cost
We take 35% of Gross income from internet sales
Park Owner is expected to supply a location and power for network hardware that is required to operate.

No Cost Fully Managed Service

This option includes a full wifi system paid for, installed, and managed by us. We set up a pay per use internet system and share the profits with you.
10% Kickback on Net Sales after Processing Costs
Internet supply cost covered
No cost access and support for staff and work campers
Park Owner is expected to supply a location and power for network hardware that is required to operate.

*Warranty excludes lightning damage